Music should be submitted 30 days prior to the first release date. Exclusive “promo” periods on download sites count – the “release date” for us is the first date it’s available for sale to the public.

Please submit the following:

Full release - No soundcloud streams, no links to traxsource, youtube, etc.

Artwork Release - artwork & artist photos cleared for print preferred.

One-sheet which includes the following: artist name, release name, track names and release date.

The release date is the most important part. Submissions without an accurate release date included are discarded.

Submit them via upload service to Uploaded music file should be MP3 formated.

Please note that this is for music submission  you add this or any other email address to your newsletter/mailing list, it will be unsubscribed, marked as spam and any future submissions will be discarded. Not all submission are reviewed and ones that were are not guaranteed airplay.

**Music Campaign Packages Available**